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    How can I add a KieScanner to a runtimeEnvironmentBuilder

    jbtexier Newbie



      I use jbpm 6.0.1.FINAL version and an eclipse-based project.

      I'm using a runtimeEnvironmentBuilder by creating a newDefaultBuilder with groupId, artifactId and version :


      RuntimeEnvironmentBuilder envBuilder = (RuntimeEnvironmentBuilder) RuntimeEnvironmentBuilder.Factory.get().newDefaultBuilder(groupId,artifactId, version);

      Everything work fine except that I don't know how to set a new KieScanner to my repository.


      I tried to use KieServices :


      KieServices kieService = KieServices.Factory.get();

      ReleaseId releaseId = kieService.newReleaseId(groupId, artifactId, version);

      KieContainer kieContainer = kieService.newKieContainer(releaseId);

      KieScanner scanner = kieService.newKieScanner(kieContainer);



      I changed the version of my project and the kiecontainer has been updated (with version="LATEST") but when I run a new instance of a process with




      the older version of my project is used.


      I guess this is because there is no link between kieservices part and my runtimeEnvironment but I can't figure out how to do this...


      Can someone help me with this issue ?