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    RewriteRule - Change folder name in JBoss

    Dario Calovic Newbie

      I have a web application in a folder called webapp. So the url to access the webapp is http://www.example.com:3030/webapp/.

      Now i wanna access my webapp over url like this http://www.example.com:3030/something/. So every kind of a foldername after the domain name and port(something in my example) should actually load my webapp(which is acutally under webapp).

      Another example:
      http://www.example.com:3030/coolness/ should show my webapp
      http://www.example.com:3030/superman/administrator/index.php?blubber=bla should show my webapp

      How will be the rewriterule?

      Note: The path should be absolute, because i have my rewrite.properties in a different folder(not in my application WEB-INF folder).