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    Is it possible to have two x.509 certificates for one domain

    Lg chen Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      I am currently working on a Idp project. There are two SPs in the same domain , but these two SPs are using different X.509 certificates. Is it possible for picketlink to allow it?


      For example, first SP with issuer domain : www.abc.com/sp1 and another is www.abc.com/sp2, but they are using different X.509 certificate. Does Picketlink support this scenario?



         <ValidatingAlias Key="localhost" Value="T_SAML_Digital_Sig" />


      <ValidatingAlias Key="www.abc.com/sp1" Value="key1_cp_x509" />


      <ValidatingAlias Key="www.abc.com/sp2" Value="key2_cp_x509" />