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    session replication not working in Jboss AS 7

    Bhaskar Ethirajulu Newbie



      1. I have added  <distributable/> tag in web.xml of in web application

      2. I have also added following replication config in jboss-web.xml of our web application







      Still session replication is not working in Jboss As 7. Any inputs or answers will be highly appreciated.





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          Jay SenSharma Master

          Hi Bhaskar,


              Which JBoss AS7 profile are you using to start your JBoss instance?

              The jgroup based subsystem is present in "standalone-ha.xml"  and "standalone-full-ha.xml" profiles only (by default).

              If you are running your JBoss in domain mode then make sure that your JBoss belongs to a group which has the "ha" or "full-ha" profile.


              Do you see any jgroup/clustering related messages appearing in you logs ?