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    Execute CLI in Bundle Recipe

    Mylos Kathos Master

      Dear all,

      I need to create an Ant recipe for distributing a Bundle with JBoss ON 3.1. Within the deployment I need at first to execute a CLI (JBoss EAP CLI) script which installs a module. This is the deployment section of my deploy.xml:

      <rhq:deployment-unit name="fixedForNow"
                 <rhq:file name="install.cli" replace="true">
                       <rhq:handover action="execute-script"/>
                  <rhq:archive name="application.war" exploded="false">
                               <include name="*.jsp"/>

      When I upload this script I get the following error.

      org.apache.tools.ant.BuildException:rhq:file doesn't support the nested "handover" element

      I've found this example in an RHQ discussion thread- is there an equivalent way to execute CLI with JON ?