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    How to increase logging level for jBPM components

    James Jones Newbie

      Can someone tell me how to increase the logging level of jBPM components?

      I am running jbpm-console via standard jbpm installer and jboss AS 7.1

      Do I make changes in build.xml?

      and/or logging.properties file located at C:\jbpm-installer\jboss-as-7.1.1.Final\standalone\configuration?

      and/or somewhere else?


      Also, it is unclear to me whether SLF4J or LOG4J is used.

      If SLF4J is used, any recommendations on configuration differences between slf4j and log4j would be appreciated, because I am not familiar with SLF4J.


      My immediate need is to diagnose why my processes aren't deploying successfully.

      I can't find enough information in Server.log to figure it out.



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          Travis Zimmerman Newbie

          You can increase the logging in jboss-as-7.1.1.Final\standalone\configuration\standalone-full.xml.  There is a tag called <root-logger>, and under that there is a <level name="INFO"> tag.  You can change that to "DEBUG", for example, and then you will get tons of output in the log - probably more than you want.


          You will also see <logger> tags that have categories that specify Java packages.  This is how you add logging for a specific package or class.  For example, I added logging for the SSHD service by inserting the following XML:



          <logger category="org.apache.sshd" use-parent-handlers="true">
              <level name="DEBUG"/>


          When you add logging like this, you need to restart the server.


          Alternatively, you can go to localhost:9090 in your browser and configure the logging through there.  (You will have to create an admin user, if it's the first time you're using that admin site).  You would click Profile near the top right, then Core on the left, then Logging.  If you configure it through this admin page, I don't think you have to restart the server.