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    Transaction not committed when calling the remote interface for 3 EJBs in a row

    ana.tudosa Newbie



      I am using JBoss 7.3.2 (but I have noticed the same behavior in 7.4.0)


      I have 4 applications:  One, Two, Three and Four


      The call flow is as follows: FourBean (inside Four_EAR) is calling remotelly  ---> ThreeBean (located inside ThreeEAR)  -->ThreeBean is calling remotely --> TwoBean (inside Two_EAR),TwoBean is calling remotely -->OneBean (inside One_EAR)


      All the beans are using ejb-client scoped context for doing the JNDI calls.

      The call returns but the transaction is never comitted ( a java profiler indicates a deadlock)

      Please see the attachment for an example, server configuration, server logs and thread dumps.


      Does anybody know what the problem is here?



      Thanks in advance