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    How to use jboss EAP 6 on red hat 6.5?

    Thomas Doubting Newbie



      I have a very silly question that I hope someone could provide some pointers. I have installed JBoss EAP 6.1 on Red Hat 6.5 using the standard rpm. I am abit confused about where it places things and how to use them. The rpm puts all the software in /usr/share/jbossas and sets up a jboss account but doesn't allow access to the account. So what I am confused about is - when I want to set up a jboss instance do I copy the software into a directory or do I unlock the jboss account and use that instead? I had a look at the red hat jboss notes but whilst it indicates how to do the install it doesn't seem to indicate how to use it under the structure. Thanks. Sorry for the silly question though.