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    Default for project facets?

    Wolfgang Knauf Master



      this is feature suggestion: I just upgraded to Eclipse 4.4, which defaults to the project facet "Java 1.8". But I have just 1.7 installed here, which works fine with WildFly 8.1.


      So, after importing one of my small sample projects, I always have to switch my EJB-/Web-/EJBClient-projects to Java 1.7, otherwise deployment to the WildFly server will fail with class version errors.


      It would be great if I could define default facets when creating the WildFly8 server runtime - e.g. "Java 1.7", and if Eclipse would pick those facets when creating a new project or importing an existing EAR file.


      But I assume this is not a JBossTools feature in first place, but a feature of the Eclipse WebToolsPlatform plugin, which whould have to provide a way to handle those defaults settings.


      What do you think? Does it make sense to you at all? The problem will go away anyway when I decide to upgrade to Java 1.8 ;-).


      Best regards