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    How to pass parameters to Wildfly service?

    Frank Langelage Master

      Currently were trying to get WildFly 8.1 running as Service on Windows Server 2008R2 x64.

      The startup on command line needs parameters for port binding and server-config file: standalone.bat -b -bmanagement --server-config standalone-mbi.xml


      How to give these parameters to the service? Changing service.bat like this?

      <   set STARTPARAM="/c \"set NOPAUSE=Y ^^^&^^^& standalone.bat -b -bmanagement --server-config standalone-mbi.xml\""


      >   set STARTPARAM="/c \"set NOPAUSE=Y ^^^&^^^& standalone.bat\""


      Did not see anything else. standalone.bat and standalone.conf.bat seem not to be prepared for this.



      And just for interest: where does the value of STARTPARAM end up? I not saw it when looking a the service itself or it's registry entries.

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          Matěj Liszka Newbie

          Hello Frank

          I was also surprised by imperfections in setup and configuration files of WildFly. But that's life... Free stuff is usually not ready for production use "out of the box", especially on Windows...

          You probably already know the answer to your question: yes, the service.bat file is not usable in most cases without being modified as you suggested. And the parameters are saved to Windows registry by Apache Procrun (which is the actual implementation of the service wrapper).