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    performance issues updating data using CMP

    vying Newbie

      I am doing a project which upload a file and then insert the parsing result into the DB(Oracle 9i). The situation is like this,there's main lineitem table and another 2 dependent tables,Each mainline will have a couple of vlaues to be inserted in the dependaent tables.
      The observation is that jboss will lauch select and insertion queries 1000 times if there's 1000 mainline to be inserted.meanwhile jboss will insert many times for each lineitem dependent value to those dependaent tables.So the performance is not that good:almost 0.3sec/per lineitem.
      The statisitcs are as follows:
      Total number of mainline from file parser to be put into DB: 923,
      Total Number of DB insertion operations:8359
      Total Number of related DB query operations:9317
      Total time to complete transaction:209secs
      I was trying to improve the performance for jboss,but it seems like most optimization is fordata loading(e.g read ahead ect..),so any good suggestion on improving performance for data updating using CMP?