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    Login to BPM suite renders HTTP 408 error on IE10

    stavros kalamatianos Newbie

      Here are some helpful comments about the server where the BPM installation took place.


      Windows Java Env'nt Variables:

      1) we have entered a JAVA_HOME System Variable with value C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_60

      2) In the string of Path variable we have added %JAVA_HOME%\bin


      The server BPM was successfully installed on, has already JBOSS DV installed on it.


      Server is a Windows 2008 R2 EE vmware virtual machine with vmware tools installed on it.


      The server does not have internet connectivity.


      IE Enhanced Security has been turned off for Admins and Users.


      JBOSS DV installation (that may contribute to the problem we explain down below with JBOSS BPM)

      Although the JBOSS DV installation failed (perhaps due to lack of internet connectivity) I can still run the standalone.bat in the bin folder and then access the admin mngt console from localhost:8080 that redirects me successfully to localhost:9990 w/o a problem


      While at the admin console I can browse all console features, options, etc. There are 0 messages showing at the console.


      I don't see any error manifesting while I'm using the console nor when the server starts


      The installation log when DV was installed showed mngt interface failed connection attempts


      The jar file I used to install DV is "jboss-dv-installer-6.0.0.GA-redhat-4.jar"

      The JBOSS EAP is 6.0.2.GA


      McAffee VirusScan Ent. is installed and running on the VM. I am not allowed (and can't even if I wanted to) to stop the app'n nor its services.


      The Java entries in the registry look correct.


      Screen shots from the JBOSS DV installation have been attached for your review.


      JBOSS BPM Installation

      The installation jar file used for the JBOSS BPM is jboss-bpms-installer-6.0.2.GA-redhat-5.jar


      The HTTP 408 error stubbornly persists (see jpg attached) despite my efforts to get rid of it. Although old the following URL gives some insight how to get rid of HTTP 408.



      Per URL,

      I added the meta tags in the Head section of the login.jsp  located in ...standalone/deployments/business-central.war and rerun standalone.bat so when I accessed the BPM suite login pg and checked the results of "view source" I confirmed the meta tags were there. then tried to login BUT, as mentioned above, the HTTP 408 is still there.


      As mentioned above, IE enhanced Security Config has been disabled for user and admins and "Override automatic cookie handling" along with "always allow session cookies" have been enabled. Both of the latter are located in IE "Internet Options", Privacy tab under Advanced.


      Any other ideas how to eliminate the HTTP 408 so I can view the BPM suite console will much appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,