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    Arquillian Drone / illegalStateException (js)


      Hi all,


      by a simple test of the login of my JSF Application i always get an IllegalStateException:


      java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can't open the 'Graphene.Page.RequestGuard.js' resource.


      It is just a simple test, but on guardHttp it is going always out of the test with the named exception:



          public void testLogin() {

              browser.get(deploymentUrl.toExternalForm());      // 1. open the tested page



              loginName.sendKeys("admin");                                      // 3. control the page







      May one of you have an idea...


      Thanks and regards


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          This is quite strange exception for such a simple test.


          If your test suite is mavenized, could you please try to delete from local repository Graphene ? And then make it download again.


          If that does not help, could you please tell us more about your environment (Graphene version, Maven, JDK, OS) ? A zip with reproducer would be helpful as well.