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    Unable to load applicationContext.xml in cross module project while implementing Arquillian

    Amit Pathak Newbie

      I am facing one issue while implementing Arquillian,I already put the same question on stackoverflow but haven't receive any input





      I am implementing arquillian in my project, I am facing one issue while calling application-context, have 2 modules A and B, A have 1 context file and B have 2, context-file of module A is main application-context for my project.

      I am writing junit of module B and trying to use context-file of A so it import other dependent context file but every time it throws an error "applicationContext.xml] cannot be opened because it does not exist" anyone please let me know how can I use context File in cross module or more than one context file with @SpringClientConfiguration






      public class ArquillianTest {

      @Inject InMemoryDB inMemoryDB;

      private BeanInitialization beanInz;

      public static WebArchive create()
      WebArchive ar = null;
      try {
      = ShrinkWrap
      .create(WebArchive.class, "inMemory.war")
      .addClasses(InMemoryDB.class, ArquillianTest.class)
        } catch (Exception e) {
        return ar;



      Please  anyone give me some hint,So I can proceed furthur