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    Architectural changes

    gcorro Newbie

      Hi all,


      During the past year we were evaluating several ESBs available in the market. At the beginning of this year we decided to use FUSE as our ESB.


      Just after making that decision, the acquisition of LogicBlaze by IONA happened. In those days and until very recently we were focused on finishing another important project, but now it's time to make a final decision about FUSE.


      The thing is that we are aware that any product or technology is susceptible to changes in time, evolving is a normal thing, specially in technology; however we wonder how much this commercial change has affected FUSE in terms of technical architecture and also market longevity of the product.


      We would like to know how different is FUSE now as it was just few months ago, also we would like to know how different is going to be FUSE in the coming months.


      Thanks a lot.



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          rpetersen Newbie

          The changes in the product architecture may seem greater than they really are.


          The core technology in the old LogicBlaze FUSE stack is still the core of the FUSE product family at IONA.

          - The ESB container and runtime are still based on ServiceMix.

          - ActiveMQ is still used for JMS transport, plus remoting, clustering, reliability and distributed failover for the ESB.

          - Tooling is still provided via an Eclipse-based toolset.


          There are some new things in the product offering as well.

          - Message routing and mediation can be more easily configured with the FUSE Mediation Router, based on Apache Camel.

          - Also, as the XFire SOAP stack (supported by the old LogicBlaze FUSE) evolved into Apache CXF, the IONA FUSE product family now includes the CXF-based FUSE Services Framework.


          The thing to keep in mind is that each FUSE product is closely aligned to a specific project at the Apache Software Foundation. So if you are comfortable with an ESB architecture based on ServiceMix, ActiveMQ, CXF and Camel, you should be able to work with the IONA FUSE products, which are essentially the tested, documented, and commercially supported versions of releases from those projects.