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    Number of FUSE and ServiceMix sites in production

    Peter Campbell Newbie

      Does anyone have a rough idea of the number of FUSE-ESB and/or ServiceMix sites actually "in production"? That is, medium to large commercial or government users who are committed to these/this product and use them to run their daily business?


      I can understand that there may be a lot of people who have downloaded it to try it out but this isn't the same as a proper production site where people are relying on it to work. Is it still just in the hackers domain or more mainstream?


      Bruce Snyder from Iona mentioned a number of Iona customers during his excellent ESB webinar but some (most?) of these seemed to be customers for the commercial Iona products, not FUSE.

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          rpetersen Newbie

          Hi Peter,

          As you indicate the best one can do for an open source distribution is provide a rough guess of implementations, of which some percentage are in production use. If I were to make a guess, I would say there are around a hundred implementations in pilot or production at present. (By pilot, I mean an architecture that is complete, but isn't fully rolled out to production use.) The number is based on the anecdotal information we've heard through Apache, the open.iona.com community, and customers for whom we're providing services and support today.


          I can give you an idea of ten organizations running ServiceMix / FUSE ESB in production today.


          In the United States:

          - a Fortune 500 retailer

          - a government research institute

          - a leading provider of insurance services

          - a provider of telecommunications software and services

          - a leading specialty online retailer

          In Canada:

          - a restaurant chain with over $300m in revenues

          - a leading systems integrator

          In Europe:

          - a leading financial services and fund management firm

          - multinational firm providing services and software for commodity trading

          - a government agency providing services to more than one million citizens


          I know of quite a few others using ServiceMix in production, as well as several software, hardware and SaaS products that are sold today that incorporate ServiceMix or the FUSE ESB. (As you know the Apache license permits modification and redistribution as long as the attribution remains in the source code.)


          In the coming months, we at IONA plan to make more detailed and official announcements of some organizations that are using FUSE ESB in production and are IONA customers.