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    SOA architecture and ServiceMix


      Hi all...


      I'm a fresher to SOA.. So can anyone be helpful for me in just giving a brief introduction about this architecture and its uses in the industry level...? This may sound silly but, still i would like to know the scope of the technology in which i'm. Currently i'm working with the Apache-Servicemix tool... So if possible please do tell me the exact flow of the things happening in it...


      Thanks in advance...




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          As you get started with ServiceMix, you'll see that you often have a number of different options for many aspects of your project. The basic principles of using ServiceMix are based on the Java Business Integration (JBI) spec.


          We have indexed some very good articles on SOA, ESBs, JBI and ServiceMix.


          A good recent article is this one from Dr. Dobb's Journal. There is a nice "hello world" example using ServiceMix in that article.


          Success with ServiceMix generally requires that you understand concepts related to SOA, ESB and JBI. However, keep in mind that these are distinct topics - i.e. not all ESBs are based on JBI, not all SOA projects require an ESB, etc.


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            Hi petersen,


            Thank you for your guidance.. your links were really very useful.. Hope i'll make my best out of it.




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              I assume the link referred to has now moved to these articles