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    Durable messaging in SEDA flows

    Patrick Mulligan Newbie

      Can you set up durable messaging in SEDA flows?

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          Bruce Snyder Novice

          Durable messaging is only available with JMS topics and the SEDA flow doesn't use JMS topics. I think what you're referring to here is persistent messaging.


          The SEDA and JMS flows themselves don't use message persistence but the JCA flow does. But I'm not sure that these details are pertinent to what you need. Within what context is the question being asked? What exactly are you trying to achieve?



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            Roger Joelsson Novice


            Hi all,


            I'm looking for the same answer -- how do I achieve durable, or persistent, messaging on the FUSE/ServiceMix NMR? From my understanding, the NMR is based on ActiveMQ, thus being persistent using the Derby/Java DB (or whatever one selects) -- but that (according to some recent posts) does not seem to be the case. Bruce, or anyone, would you be able to help me/us out?



            Roger Joelsson



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              Martin Murphy Novice

              Hi Roger,


              You need to use the JMS or JCA flow if you want to persist all exchanges between components. However, sometimes this may not be necessary and you could decide to use the SEDA flow and occasionally send to a JMS component, which will communicate with an external JMS queue to persist the message. You can use this style of flow development to get a degree of persistence in a SEDA flow.


              Hope that helps,

              - Martin