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    High Availability in FUSE

    Eoghan Glynn Newbie



      I'm soliciting for feedback on, and details of user experiences with, the various High Availability capabilities currently provided by the FUSE suite.


      Have you evaluated, or used in anger, any of the following features:


      • message failover & container replication via the JMS flow in FUSE ESB / Apache ServiceMix

      • master/slave broker state replication in FUSE Message Broker / Apache ActiveMQ

      • invocation failover via the static FailoverStrategy in FUSE Services Framework / Apache CXF

      • clustering of message consumers via the Competing Consumers EIP in FUSE Mediation Router / Apache Camel

      • any other feature of these frameworks that you'd consider related to HA


      If so, I'd like to hear from you about how these capabilities met, or failed to met, your HA requirements.