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    Access denied to the org.eclipse.jst.j2ee jar

    Christopher Hunt Newbie

      Hi there,


      I've installed the latest Fuse ESB ( and followed the instructions exactly as per http://open.iona.com/wiki/display/ProdInfo/FUSEEclipseTools for my Mac OS X Leopard based Eclipse Europa distro.


      I then tried File->New->Other->Java Business Integration Service Units->JMS Provider (I want to create a socket server for some proprietary protocol that then emits messages on to the ESB). All is well from a Maven pespective, and then I get the known issue of the "J2EEComponentMappingUpdateJob" error.


      I've tried downloading the http://open.iona.com/issues/secure/attachment/10031/org.eclipse.jst.j2ee_1.1.103.v200706121630.jar and then received an ACCESS DENIED response. I am logged into the forums. What gives? Additionally if I try to look at the ESB-14 issue then I get the same access denial.


      Given the access denials I then updated the JST plugins via the "manage config" functionality of Eclipse, created another JBI JMS provider project and still had the problem.