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    Response time statistics

    peterm2@iona.com Newbie

      Hi ya,


      As far as I know, there is no existing feature in ESB for tracing so that an admin could capture statistics like average response time per in/out MEP per endpoint. Ideally, this type of stat would then be dumped to a log at a configurable interval. Would this be an extension point using something like an ExchangeListener wrapped by a JMX MBean?



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          Bruce Snyder Novice

          There are already the beginnings of auditing functionality in SMX 3 and just recently I've been thinking about building out this functionality. I'd like to include not only statistics, but also message correlation for tracing a flow as well as further analysis. The initial hook for this functionality is an exchange listener but I'd like to build much more business logic on top of this and add a pluggable layer so that various pieces of functionality can be optional. If you're interested to look at the current functionality, see the servicemix-audit subproject.