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    Specify dependencies explicitly?

    Garry Brother Newbie



      In using FUSE, I'm finding that I must explicitly specify dependent JARs in the 

      element of my xbean.xml file; otherwise I get ClassNotFound exceptions on deployment.  I'm pretty

      sure this version of FUSE is post SMX 3.1 and that "lib/*.jar" should be implicitly on the classpath.

      Am I missing something here?


      Thanks, Garry

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          Bruce Snyder Novice

          Yes, the FUSE ESB should automatically set up the classpath as described here:




          If you do a table of contents on the ZIP file for the SU, are the dependencies not being included?:


          $ jar tvf /path/to/su-file.zip



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            Garry Brother Newbie

            Hi Bruce,


            Yes, the zip file does contain my dependencies. The same zip will deploy

            just fine on Solaris but on Linux, can't seem to find my dependent classes

            unless I explicitly list them in my xbean. I'm 100% sure this is a problem

            with my environment but can't figure out what it might be and am hoping

            you can suggest something to try.  I'm using the same version of FUSE

            ( on both systems. I'm using Java 1.5 on Solaris and 1.6 on Linux

            but don't think that's a problem. I start FUSE with the bin/servicemix

            script and don't have anything in my environment CLASSPATH.  Any




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              Bruce Snyder Novice

              Yeah, the CLASSPATH environment variable is the first thing I think of, but if you are sure you don't have anything specified in there, then that's not it. The next thing I would consider is testing it out on Java 1.5. Java 1.6 shouldn't be a problem, but only a couple of us use Java 1.6 routinely so I'm not sure. The other thing I do when i have this type of situation is create a new user on the Linux system and set up the environment from scratch to test things. I make sure not to copy anything from the existing environment because that might just result in the same error.


              Let us know the results.