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    Messages are not processed for high loads

    Thilina Anjitha Newbie


      I'm using fuse-message-broker- as a JMS server and it interact with a Mule ESB with JMS endpoints.


      I have develop a system where it should capable of handling around 100TPS(Transaction Per Second) requests and the system consists of over 100 of queues and Topics (both parallaly and sequesntially processing).


      Once I try to send over 100 parallal messages with 100 threads at once (This will repeate for large no of times to test the system performance) I have figureout some of the messages are get stuck in the initial queues and never get processed (ie. not read by the ESB) until we restart the queue server. I can see these messages are stuck in the DB. These messages are get processed, only after restart the fuse-message-broker.


      Note: I have enabled the persistance for the initial queues and final queues. (all the intemediate queues are set to non persistance ie.persistentDelivery=false)


      Can somebody tel me the reason for this?


      Is there anyway to avoid this buy changing any configurations in fuse-message-broker?


      Thanks in advanced,