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    Tuscany Integration

    Nithya Vijayakumar Newbie



      Will Tuscany be integrated with Fuse? I found a page in Servicemix website that says Tuscany integration is in progress. I also found a release note on Fuse 3.2 that the servicemix-sca component was removed. Could someone provide an update on it's status?


      I would like to use both and not sure which is a good starting point. I have a few applications that need to be exposed as webservices. In future I would like to do notifications and messaging between them. I found Tuscany simple to use for exposing webservices composing of multiple components. But would like to use Fuse for the ESB. Can Tuscany composites integrate with little code change into Fuse?




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          Bruce Snyder Novice

          There was an early integration of Tuscany in ServiceMix but it became completely out of sync with Tuscany as it was developed further, so it was removed from ServiceMix. At this time there are no official plans to integrate Tuscany by either the Apache ServiceMix team or the IONA FUSE team. But that doesn't mean it won't happen as ServiceMix is open source and anyone can contribute to it.


          If you're interested in pursuing this work, you'll need to create a JBI service engine that wraps Tuscany. This will allow Tuscany to perform its work inside of ServiceMix. Then any JBI binding component can route messages to/from it via the NMR.