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    SMX stop to process on getDeliveryCHannel.send()

    Fabio R Newbie

      I'm using JCAFlow/SedaFlow and I have a servlet that send a message to a lw-component (that extends TransformComponentSupport) if this code:


      QName service = new QName(NAMESPACEURI, serviceName);
      RobustInOnly rio = this.client.createRobustInOnlyExchange(this.client.createResolverForService(service));
      javax.jbi.messaging.NormalizedMessage nm = rio.createMessage();
      IntegratorMarshaller.toNMS(msg, nm);
      RobustInOnlyImpl impl = (RobustInOnlyImpl) rio;
      rio.setProperty(JbiConstants.FLOW_PROPERTY_NAME, "seda");                    
      boolean sent = this.client.sendSync(rio);


      On this component all the code is executed and return true, but the exchange is not send to the next component.

      This problem only occurs sometimes. In this case I changed the ActiveMQ database from Oracle 10g to derby and it works fine again.

      I would like to know if have something that can produce this problem?

      I'm using SMX and AMQ and my container has the persistence set to true.