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    Problem deploying entity beans with finder methods

    Rob Hayes Newbie

      Hi there,

      Have a bit of an odd problem. I have an entity bean which contains a finder method (actually it contains an XDoclet tag which generates the find method in the Home interface of my bean and puts in the correct query etc.. in to the ejb-jar.xml).

      The problem I am having is that I can deploy my JAR file (which contains my entity beans and some session beans too) once and everything works fine, i.e. from a client i can use the find method and get the correct results, however when i recompile my bean and try to redeploy it I get exception output that complains that my finder method is not found. If i then undeploy (remove the jar from jboss's deploy directory), stop the server, deploy the new jar and then restart everyhing works fine!!.

      bizaaree indeed.. any ideas?

      I'm using windows XP, JBoss 3.2.5

      thanks in advance.