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    Pipeline pattern does not work?

    Roger Joelsson Novice


      Hi all,




      Background: I want to use a file-drop (servicemix-file) interface to get a message into the NMR, then I want to perform an synchronous Web Service call, and finally send the results out on a file-drop interface:


      FileDrop (InOnly) -> Pipeline (InOut) -> WS caller (InOut) -> FileDrop (InOnly)


      Using the pipeline feature in the servicemix-eip component does this (though with a mysterious second-copy-of-the-message, but that's another story).



      Anyway -- how can I do this using Apache Camel (FUSE Mediation Router) instead? Somewhere I read that the DSL statement






      should do the trick, but that I didn't get to work.


      Does anyone have anyone ideas, or should I stick to the servicemix-eip component?