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    Using ADS as a marshaller

    Michelle Davis Newbie

      Hello. I am trying to use ADS 1.3.7 as a marshaller for Fuse Mediation Router to convert a text file to tag-value pairs. Here is my route:



      Everything builds, Fuse Router starts but the message goes to deadletter. Actually I get a class path error when an exception is thrown.


      Main                           INFO  Apache Camel starting

      DeadLetterChannel              ERROR Failed delivery for exchangeId: ID-MDAVIS820/4053-1211397215841/0-2. On delivery attempt: 0 caught: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/sf/saxon/trans/XPathException

      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/sf/saxon/trans/XPathException


      Where is this class?


      Also, I can run this message through ADS successfully through this model.


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