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    problem with cluster

    Anteneh Nurlien Newbie

      We have created a SMX static route cluster by installing SMX on three physically separate boxes. Due to several network and security restrictions we have setup the cluster in such a way that Server A can see Server B and Servers B can see server C. The cluster works pretty well for JBI component interaction between servers that see each other, however, when we deploy a component on A that wants to use (or interact with) components deployed on C we are getting a ?no matching endpoint? error and the message never gets delivered. Our understating was that as long as one of the NMR?s in the cluster has a service that matches the requested service name, the cluster will route and deliver it to the appropriate handler.  Is our understanding incorrect? If not, do we need to specify somewhere in the configuration that an NMR could also be a pass through NMR?