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    Cannot get rid of JMS header using servicemix-jms w/IBM MQ

    Roger Joelsson Novice

      Hi all,


      I'm experiencing a problem using IBM MQ with the servicemix-jms component. The task is to use ServiceMix to connect to a non-JMS mainframe system over IBM MQ. The problem is that I cannot get rid of the JMS header in the message being sent to the external receiver!


      After some research, I've learnt that the correct way to get rid of the JMS header is to call:




      However, using the servicemix-jms component, I cannot get hold of the actual queue instance. All I can do is to set up the ConnectionFactory instance in the XBean, passing it to the jms:provider declaration. I cannot find any way to directly access/modify the actual JMS queue.


      Any hint that may get me further is greatly appreciated!