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    servicemix-ftp and unusual File Filtering rules

    Lowry Curry Newbie

      We have a directory where the ftp-poller will pull files. The files are organized in a strange way (based on legacy system that can't be changged), for example the directory will contain the following files:








      The presense of the "done_*.xml" indicates the corresponding file is ready to download. So in the above case the ftp-poller should only ftp the following:





      It should not get "c.xml" Because there is no "done_c.xml".

      Does this make sense?

      Is there any way to implement this type of thing with the ftp-poller? I had a look at the FileFilter but I don't think it will work considering this interface must make its decision on a file-by-file basis, whereas the above algorithm must have a view of all the file names in order to make its decision. Any ideas appreciated.