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    Prioritized connections on per JMS Priority , JMS Property or on a per topi

    Glen Klyuzner Newbie

      It would be nice to have ability in ActiveMQ  to chose dynamically or/and on a per topic basis, the appropriate transport/connection for the topic being published.

      Sometime in some legacy applications the same logical pipe (Destination) is used for different types of messages, which requires different QoS. Some could be send via slow low priority transport, but some should be sent as fast as possible.


      So, it could be implemented the same as fast switching failover connection and ?Setting transport connector programmatically for asynchronous dispatching?


      Based on xml conf file the factory could allocate several connections which could be chosen based on JMS Message priority or JMSProperty.

      In addition the config could assign certain default priority for each message priority or detination(it could be done as simple mapping).

      Conn Priority to Transport

      1 -> udp:

      2 -> tcp:

      3 -> http:

      4 -> ssl:


      JMS defines a 10 level priority value with 0 as the lowest and 9 as the highest.


      JMS Priority  Conn Priority

      0 -> 4

      1 -> 4

      2 -> 4

      3 -> 3

      4 -> 3

      5 -> 2

      6 -> 2

      7 -> 2

      8 -> 1

      9 -> 1


      Ect same for Destinations with wildcard patterns