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    Steps Required for converting XML to Java Objects using Castor in FUSE ESB

    Jayasree B Novice



      I need to convert XML to Java Objects(UnMarshalling) Using Castor in Fuse ESB.I have executed this successfully in Normal Java Platform.I need to know do the same in FUSE ESB platform.COuld you please provide me the steps to perform unmarshalling usign Castor in Fuse ESB?


      1.In castor We need to place few jar files like castor-1.2.jar etc..In Java platform I will be adding it to classpath.In case of Fuse ESB where do I need to place these jar files?


      2.I will be using Castor source Code generator to generate a set of classes which represent an object-model for the XML Schema.In normal java platform i will be giving path where it need to generate the Java Class in build.xml file and on running Ant script i will be getting Java Classes as per the path mentioned.In case of FUSE ESB how will I be generating Java classes and where will I place these generated Java Classes?


      3.During Unmarshalling I need to mention the xml file location.In case of Fuse ESB where do i need to place xml file and how do I need to mention the path in pom file/xbean file?


      4.I need to place an XSD for given XML so that duing ant build for source code generation i can generate java classes.How can I perform this in Fuse ESB.


      It would be of great help if you provide me solution for this


      Thanks in Advance