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    Using FUSE MB with Sun Studio 11 and libCstd?

    David Hinz Newbie


      According to the documentation on the ActiveMQ website the ActiveMQ-CPP product on the Solaris platform is built using the Studio 11 compiler and uses the "-libaray=stlport4" compile / link option.





      |http://activemq.apache.org/cms/using-the-solaris-cc-compiler.html|ActiveMQ-CPP Solaris CC Compiler]

      Is there a build available of FUSE MB or ActiveMQ-CPP that will work with Solaris, using Studio 11 that uses the default STL library, libCstd?


      All of our other 3rd-party libraries and our code are built using the libCstd library that keeps us from using the ActiveMQ-CPP because the libCstd library cannot be used with the libstlport4 library.


      Is there some other way around this limitation of needing to use stlport4?