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    Urgent!!How to write client program to call external web service from fuse

    Jayasree B Novice



      I have developed http web service using Apache Axis and deployed it in Tomcat.

      I have placed the wsdl file under src/main/resources of service unit(cxf-se).

      I have created a service unit(cxf-bc) so that it can interact with external web service.


      NOw I need to write client class in Service Unit which calls one of the method in the external web service.I need to get response back from this method.


      Please tell me how do I need to go about this?Please give me any existing example available..



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          Martin Murphy Novice

          Remember that FUSE ESB is all about flows, you will want to start a flow that will invoke on the CXF BC, if that is the CXF SE then you will want something to invoke on the SE since it typically acts as a consumer on the NMR, the CXF BC can act as either. In your scenario you want to use CXF BC provider to invoke on your Axis based service.


          I suppose the question is when do you want to invoke on this? What is the trigger that will send the message to the CXF BC? You may not necessarily want to invoke on this from the CXF SE, for example you might pick the message up from a JMS queue (using a JMS consumer endpoint) that will send it to the CXF BC.


          If you want to invoke on it from the CXF SE, you could use the CXF Proxy more info here. The question then would be what starts the CXF SE processing? This comes back to the original question of what event starts the flow?