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    Status of FUSE ESB 4

    Andrew Headrick Newbie



      I am charged with choosing and deploying an ESB solution for my company.


      I am curious as to the status of Fuse ESB 4. I know there are some big changes (OSGi vs. MBeans and JMX) and backwards compatibility issues ( drools 3 vs. drools 4 ) with the new version. I am hesitant to deploy FUSE ESB 3 if there are going to be many issues with upgrading.


      Is it a better idea to deploy FUSE ESB 3 and upgrade to 4 when it is out? Or, is it better to deploy ServiceMix 4 and migrate to FUSE 4 when it is stable?


      Any thoughts?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Aileen Cunningham Newbie

          Hi Andrew,


          We would normally recommend the latest release ESB 4 however this does depend on the timeframes for your project.


          FUSE ESB 4.0 Preview 1 is now available for download. This preview release is suitable for pilot projects however the product needs some additional development, testing and user feedback before it should be used in mission-critical production environments. This Preview Release of FUSE ESB 4.0 will be followed by a Generally Available (GA) release on September 8th.


          If you require a GA release before September and start your project with ESB 3 then a Migration Guide is being developed which covers the considerations when migrating applications from FUSE ESB 3.x to 4.x.



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            Jose Antonio Newbie

            Hello, it's September 12th and still only the preview is availaible.

            I'm starting a new project and I'm evaluating the ESB implementation to be used. As the project is starting now and we will not have a prototype version until the end of this year, I would like to know the state of FUSE ESB 4 and its stability and features on a short period (september-december '08).

            Is it better to start with FUSE ESB 3 instead? Does FUSE ESB 4 provide some advantages in performance, features or easy development right now? Is it difficult to migrate from version 3 to version 4?

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              Aileen Cunningham Newbie



              We have extended the preview period for ESB 4 in order to incorporate more of the feedback we have received into the final product.


              The revised schedule is 


              ESB 4 Preview 2   22nd Sept

              ESB 4 GA            13th Oct


              For a new project we would recommend that you use ESB 4 as it offers improved ease of use and support for the latest standards like OSGi and JBI 2.0.


              We would welcome your feedback on ESB 4 preview releases.


              best regards,