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    ESB 4.0: relation between OSGi and JBI

    Andre Skusa Newbie

      Hello all,


      regarding the new architecture in ServiceMix 4 I would like to know more specifically, how OSGi bundles/services interact with JBI components/services and which role the NMR does play.


      I understand so far, that the major change is that the NMR as well as all JBI components (servicemix-bean etc.) are now packaged and deployed as OSGi bundles and can be used (by deploying SUs packaged in SAs) as before. But what about if I want to make use of the new and easier OSGi deployment mechanism, but still need the functionality of some JBI components. Is the OSGi service I'm developing connected with the JBI environment through the NMR?


      Are there any examples available regarding this? I saw the cxf-nmr and guess that this is the way how to access the the NMR, but how are JBI components adressed now?


      What also would be very helpful is a diagram to imagine the new structure. Is the NMR still the "main bar" going through the whole system or is it something isolated in one of the OSGi bundles?


      Thanks in advance,


      Andre Skusa

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          Gert Vanthienen Novice



          ESB 4.0 is built on top of an OSGi runtime.  All the basic functionality is being deployed on top of that as a bundle.  This includes the NMR feature. Once the NMR is ready to run, you can address it from a plain OSGi bundle as is shown in the cxf-nmr example. 


          We also provide a JBI deployer bundle.  This bundle is an OSGi bundle that will allow you to also deploy plain JBI artifacts on ESB 4.0 (JBI components, SU/SA, ...).  The JBI support itself has been built on top of the NMR.  JBI MessageExchanges will go through the same ESB 4.0 NMR as is used in the cxf-nmr example, there's just the additional layer of abstraction through the JBI API.


          As a result, this means that OSGi and JBI artifacts can all communicate to each other over the same NMR, giving you more deployment options for creating your service integrations.





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            Andre Skusa Newbie

            Dear Gert,


            thanks for this and also the other answers you gave to my questions. They were helpful and clarified what I wanted to know!