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    Xmlns in http binding

    manish goyal Newbie

      What is the significance of xmlns in file binding to http-binding xbean.xml in an SU?

      for ex.Poller-SU

      {<beans xmlns:file="http://servicemix.apache.org/file/1.0"       


      <file:poller service="logisticx:file" endpoint="poller" file="file:D:/Polar"       targetService="logisticx:HelloTestService" targetEndpoint="StockEndpoint"       deleteFile="true" autoCreateDirectory="true"/>



      Webservice Su


      {<beans xmlns:http="http://servicemix.apache.org/http/1.0"


      <http:endpoint service="logisticx:HelloTestService" endpoint="StockEndpoint" role="provider" locationURI="http://localhost:9090/hello"     wsdlResource="http://localhost:9090/hello/?wsdl" />




      while deploying we get an error for this particular line-



      How do we know which link to provide?


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          deleted user Newbie

          This defines the prefix used for that namespace







          Is the servicemix-file component in your hotdeploy directory


          What version of Servicemix are you using ?

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            manish goyal Newbie

            yes the servicemix-file component is in hotdeploy directory.

            we are using servicemix


            How do we decide what namespace to use in case of file binding and Http binding.


            How do dependencies affect the deployment of a service assembly?

            Is it possible to check what dependencies need to be added to the SU and SA before building and deploying them?

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              deleted user Newbie

              You don't indicate what you want your http service to do ?

              is it forwarding the message to another service or something with it itself.


              As regards the dependencies you will have to add these into your file-su




              and likewise for the http one - just change it to use servicemix-http


              then you will  need to add the two dependencies for these su's to your assembly.

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                manish goyal Newbie

                We need the service to forward it to a web service which is at the url http://localhost:9090/hello/