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    problem with xbean file configuration

    manish goyal Newbie



      I am trying one scenario in which there is two binding component one is file-binding and other is http-binding.

      file-binding component will poll file and this file should be moved to http-binding component. http-binding component will call a webservice which is running in another fuse and send that file to that fuse.


      I have some questions:-

      1. Will fuse convert this file to any message format? if yes than what will be the format?

      2. Can we use text file in place of xml file?


      currently i am using file-binding-su xbean file as:-



      can u please give me the actual xbean file for both file-binding-su and http-binding-su.



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          Guillaume Nodet Newbie

          Fuse ESB expects XML messages and does not perform any implicit conversion.

          In your configuration, it will expect an xml file to be dropped in the D:/Polar folder and will send it using an HTTP post request to http://localhost:9090/hello


          If you want to use plain text files, you will need to use marshalers on both the file and http sides.  Note that the <http:endpoint/> does not support marshalers and you need to use the <http:provider/> endpoint instead.

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            manish goyal Newbie



            Currently i am getting that following error while process that scenario:-


            status: Error  role: consumer  service: HelloTestService   endpoint: StockEndpoint   in: Unable to display: java.io.IOException: Stream closed   error: com.ctc.wstx.exc.WstxIOException: Stream closed


            09-19-08@16:14:08 | ERROR | pool-component.servicemix-file-thread-13 | FileComponent            | icemix.file.FilePollerEndpoint  267 | Failed to process file: D:\Polar\books.xml. Reason: com.ctc.wstx.exc.WstxIOException: Stream closed


            please provide some pointer to solve this error.