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    Need pointer for http-binding and webservice

    manish goyal Newbie



      I have a scenario in which there is two different FUSE.

      One is ESB FUSE which gets message from client and NMR of this FUSE will route this message to Http-Binding component. This http-binding component is accessing webservice which is deployed in second FUSE(Act as a container).


      WebService in second FUSE contain some method which will just display message.


      I have some questions here:-

      1. Is this is possible to implement?

      2. For testing purpose how can we pass message to first FUSE (http-binding     component )?

      3.Who will be taking care of marshaling and unmarshaling ? Do i need to implement this functionality manually or FUSE will take care of it?

      4.At the webservice, What will be the message format?


      Please help me to implement this scenario.


      Detail explanation would be appreciate.


      I am attaching the pictorial representation for my scenario please refer that.


      Thanks A Lot .