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    4.0 preview -> file:poller ERROR ? -> Could not delete file -> IOException

    Martin Kuhn Newbie



      I'm a starter with Servicemix and I've a problem with file:poller (I use fuse-esb- under Windows XP)


      I want to send a file to a servicemix-bean. The bean get the file but I get an exception.


      After burdensome investigations and debugging  I realized that

      that the file is locked when the file should be deleted (FilePollerEndpoint -> method process(MessageExchange exchange) ->  line 294). This prevents the successfully deleting.


      When I debug and remove the lock from the file "manually" before the delete method is executed I get no exception.


      This seems for me to be an error


      The Exception:



      java.io.IOException: Could not delete file \mesb\transactions_in\deploy_me-test.xml


      Could anybody give me a hint what's wrong.


      Here my configs:

      <beans xmlns:file="http://servicemix.apache.org/file/1.0"








      <beans xmlns:bean="http://servicemix.apache.org/bean/1.0"







      Could anybody give me a hint if this is an error and what I can do?