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    OSGi Bundle Bug: Hyphen's in MANIFEST

    Scott England-Sullivan Newbie



      While attempting to deploy the FUSE Services Framework (CXF) to the Springsource DM OSGI container I received an error related to parsing the MANIFEST.MF file. 


      I encountered a similar error when trying to import the bundle into Eclipse 3.4.


      I traced it down to the MANIFEST.MF containing hyphens which are not supported by the OSGi R4 (See sections 3.5.5 and 1.3.2 in the 4.1 OSGi spec for the exact details).  Hyphens are located in the following MANIFEST Headers:


      Bundle-SymbolicName: org.apache.cxf.cxf-bundle

      Export-Package: META-INF.cxf

      Import-Package: META-INF.cxf


      While changing the symbolic name is trivial, changing the second two may not be.  The use of the META-INF.cxf package and the META-INF/cxf classpath resource appears to be used throughout CXF.  Its use also extends to the FUSE ESB components for CXF.


      My questions are:

      1. Is this a known bug? I wan unable to find anything related to it on the IONA Jira site. 


      2. If it isn't a known bug, doesn't the existence of this bug expand beyond the scope of CXF given that the FUSE ESB OSGI Kernel allows CXF to be deployed as a valid OSGi component?


      3. If statement 2 is correct, would a proper work around be moving the META-INF/cxf resources to org/cxf and refactoring Java code and pom files to reflect this change?



      Scott ES