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    camel-mail - "nothing happens!"

    David Sikter Newbie



      I have problems with the camel-mail component. I configure my endpoint using the uri something like:





      And I send an exchange with an in body of a string, something like "hello world!\n". and I also set the subject header like e.setHeader("subject","test")



      I get absolutely no mail and absolutely no error messages. If I on purpose misspell for instance the hostname or provide an incorrect port etc. I do get error messages, so it's definitely doing something.


      One might think the mail may be caught in my spam filter, but I have tried also with a log4j appender, providing exactly the same information as contained in my uri, and I get mails when using this logger.


      Any ideas? What properties are there that one can set on the Exchange going to the mail endpoint, if there is something missing?