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    Load groups working in 3.2.3 but strange behavior in 3.2.6

    Zarni Worgl Newbie

      I moved my ejb app to jboss 3.2.6. Now my load groups aren't working properly.

      This are the load groups for my entity.


      When I executed the following query :
       <method-params />
       <jboss-ql>SELECT OBJECT(p) FROM Party AS p ORDER BY p.name</jboss-ql>

      The fields values in the entity get mixed up, or they are simply gone.

      But... when I change eager-load-group to

      then it work fine.

      It worked well in 3.2.3 and I don't know whats the problem, I guess
      my dep. descriptors are not compatible with 3.2.5, something must have changed.