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    Problem with running Fuse ESB and examples

    Thomas D. Newbie


      I first tried to run the cxf-osgi example on Fuse ESB, following all the instructions, but visiting  http://localhost:8080/cxf/HelloWorld?wsdl didn't work (Connection failed).

      After uninstalling Fuse ESB 4 i tried and the cxf-wsdl-first example, which led to the same error message after visiting



      JDK 6-10 and Maven 2.0.9 are properly installed and work fine (WinXP SP3), i had no problems during building and deploying.


      Thank you very much for helping, it's very important for me to get Fuse ESB to work



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          Ashwin Karpe Newbie

          Hi Thomas,


          When you created the artifact using the cxf-osgi-example did you do the following on SMX4.


             cmd> features install cxf-osgi

             cmd> features install cxf-nmr


          Also when you dropped the cxf-osgi example bundle did you check if it was started using the following command

             cmd> osgi list


          These are necessary steps prior to running the cxf-osgi example





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            Thomas D. Newbie

            Thanks for trying to help me, but i can't figure out what you are trying to suggest to do.

            Mentioning "following" commands, but whre are the commands you are talking about?


            Are there any commands that are not mentioned in the official guide, that are necessary to execute in order to make it running?

            As is said, i followed all given instructions without any problems, but what are the non-given instructions i had to execute?


            I'm currently evaluating several Open Source ESBs, one of them will be used in a euro-wide project.

            And it's not an advantage for Fuse ESB, that it is not possible for me following the given instructions in detail, to run a simple given quickstart example.


            I would be very thankful if you could explain, which steps are necessary in addition to those of the getting started guide, it's not important wether i get the Fuse 3 or 4 examples to run. There are 2 instructions given, one for starting fuse, and the maven command for building and deploying. What else might be necessary?


            Or is there maybe some kind of VMWare in order to be able to demonstrate how Fuse works?


            Best regards


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              Ashwin Karpe Newbie

              Hi Thomas,


              My apologies for the confusing and truncated response. I must have been distracted at the time and sent it without proofing it.


              The first requirement to run the cxf-osgi example is that the FUSE ESB instance is version 4.x.


              The second requirement is that when you start the container using \bin\servicemix in the <install_directory> and get a command prompt, you should run the following commands


              servicemix> features list


              This will show you the list of available features installed in the container. You should ensure that cxf-osgi and cxf-nmr are installed. If they are not then run the following commands


              servicemix> features install cxf-osgi

              servicemix> features install cxf-nmr


              Once these features are installed, then you should run the archetype as follows in a separate DOS command window and in a directory where you want to create your cxf-wsdl-first project.


              cmd> mvn archetype:create -DarchetypeGroupId=org.apache.servicemix.tooling -DarchetypeArtifactId=servicemix-osgi-cxf-wsdl-first-archetype -DarchetypeVersion=2008.01-SNAPSHOT -DgroupId=com.mycompany -DartifactId=person -DremoteRepositories=http://repo.open.iona.com/maven2/


              This will create your maven project. Once this is done, you need to run the following command


              cmd> mvn install


              This will create a number of generated source java files in the src/main/java directory of your maven project. There should be a interface definition file called Person.java. You will need to implement this interface to create a PersonImpl.java. (I have attached a copy you could use if you just want something working quickly.)


              Now run the command again. This is because we now have a PersonImpl.java Implementation class added to the mix


              cmd> mvn install


              This should have created a jar file in the target directory of the project. Copy this file and drop it into the \deploy directory of your servicemix installation.


              Note that this should trigger the logger to show the web service being deployed to servicemix.


              To test if the deployment was successful run the following command


              servicemix> osgi list


              The last entry should list a bundle for the CXF OSGI WSDL first service and it shoudl show the status as active


              Now open up a bowser and run




              If everything is in order then it should display the WSDL. You can then test it using the cleint of your choice such as SoapUI.


              Hope this is helpful. Once again apologies for the slip-up on my part.






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                Thomas D. Newbie

                Thanks a lot for your effort!


                I will try it again following your detailed support in the next few days.