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    Problem working with content enricher pattern in EIP

    Ganesh Cherivirala Newbie



      I have started working with fuse integration designer and trying some of the available patterns.



      • While working with content enricher pattern in the EIP, observed that processed message is not returned from the content enricher.



      underline Steps which i tried


      1. Created a fuse project.

      2. Created a java bean, which is appending some additional date to original data(Here for debugging purpose, i add a print statement).

      3. Created a ?Spring Bean Definition? xml file which refers to above created java bean.

      4. Created an EIP diagram with file endpoints to provide input and to receive output and content enricher pattern.

      5. Here provided all the required details such as source location and destination for the file end points and provided bean reference and method which i need to call.

      6. When i run the an EIP, print statement is observed in the console but not the output at the file endpoint destination.


      Following Java bean code and spring bean xml which i used.


      • Java Bean


      package com.ContentEnricher;


      import org.apache.camel.Exchange;


      public class BeanDefinition {


              public String add(String msg, Exchange exchange){       

                   System.out.println("In add" + msg);

                   exchange.getIn().setBody(msg + "MyBean");

                   return msg+"hello";




      • Spring Bean XML File




      • Exported camel configuration code for the above EIP




      Please suggest to over come this problem.



      - Ganesh