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    help for a usecase

    brijesh n k Newbie

      hello ,


      I have following usecase scenario ;


      I need to expose services written in java to external application through http. But incoming data should be in predefined format (compliance to a schema which we are going to publish) and data should be validated against this scheama.  

      After above mentioned validation and before calling actual service ,I need to fetch data mapping from a staging table, which will substitute incoming data with mapped data from staging table which will be  maintaned in our database. After fetching mapping data from this staging table, we need to extract the data from incoming message and  call the service written java , extracted data from incoming message would be parameter for this method.


      the above scanario need to implement as a syncronised service call. since we need to return back the execution status success or failure in a specific xml format.


      can anybody suggest suitable BCs and SEs for the above implementaion.


      Thanks in advance


      Brijesh N K