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    IBM MQSeries user seeks general advice using FMB/ActiveMQ

    Kenneth Coe Newbie


      I'm an old user of IBM MQSeries, and, for whatever reason, the ActiveMQ terms/architecture is confusing my old brain.  I'm used to communicating between Queue Managers using local, remote and xmit queues. 


      My requirement is fairly simple: 

      An application on Server A needs to send message to another application on Server B, which resides on another network. Server A is a clustered Windows server utilizing a SAN for a shared drive with its fail-over node.  Server B is a single server on the network DMZ, without access to the SAN.  The messages should be consumed only once, by this single consumer on Server B. 


      With MQSeries, I would have setup Queue Managers on both nodes, defined an xmit queue on (between) both nodes, a remote queue definition on Server A, and a local queue definition on Server B.  This would assure delivery of the message in the event of a network outtage (after the network recovered).  I don't know how best to accomplish this with ActiveMQ. Can someone advise me?

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          Dave Stanley Novice

          I think you need two Fuse Message broker instances .. one on Server A (B1) and one on Server B (B2), connected to each other via a NetworkConnector. Once the network connector is established, and a subscriber attaches to B2, the producer on B1 will send messages over the network connector to the other broker.


          B1 can be clustered for HA/failover using your SAN and the AmqPersistenceAdapter if required.


          On B2 you probably need a durable subscriber and the producer on B1 should send persistent messages to get the desired QOS.


          Hope this helps,