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    embed in tomcat on windows: why runtime folders inside windows/system32 ??

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      Hi everybody,


      I am building a simple prototype based on ServiceMix 3.3.



      In order to make the installation easier for windows users, I've chosen to embed  servicemix-web into tomcat (I prepared a simple installer which installs tomcat and the war, providing a few batches to register tomcat as a service, link to tomcat service manager, etc).


      Everything goes fine, I only wonder why a few ServiceMix runtime-folders are created inside c:/windows/system32 instead of inside tomcat folder or in the folder where the whole package is installed.


      This is what servicemix creates:




      c:/windows/system32/data/smx (and subfolders)

      c:/windows/system32/serviceMixdb (and subfolders)


      Why that?


      How to make it create the folders somewhere else?


      PS: if you're interested, the installers are here:

      installs tomcat and the war

      (refer to the pdf for post-installation actions)

      "installs" the SA, required libs and components

      ("installs": because it just copies files; libs, comps and the SA have to be deployed  using the web-console - again, refer to the pdf from the first installer)



      Corrado Campisano


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