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    Errors creating "New IONA FUSE ESB v3.x Runtime" for FUSE 3.4

    ilya simuni Newbie

      I was attempting to create a New server configuration in Eclipse 3.3.2 for IONA FUSE ESB v3.4.


      The Eclipse wizard complains about missing jar classworlds-

      1.0.1.jar in the fuse-esb-\lib directory.


      The version of the jar is 1.1 ( classworlds-1.1.jar). Same problem is for the FUSE ESB v3.3.1.12.


      The server install works fine only for FUSE ESB V3.3.1.11


      When would the runtime be available for v3.4 of FUSE ESB?

      Or is there a way to configure wizard to work with v3.4 runtime?